Kickstarter Publishing Project – Fundraising $8,500 in 30 Days

To all the backers of the 30x30 publishing project…THANK YOU!
To all the backers of the 30×30 publishing project…THANK YOU!

The 30×30 Kickstarter Project is 113% Funded–THANK YOU!!!

It’s Happening…There’s Going To Be A Book!

Estimated debut is mid September 2014–can you say book launch? Currently the project in layout, professional portraits for the bio have been taken, the artwork has been finalized, publicity launch party and publicity plans are being set in place, and all the nitty gritty details that go into a project like this are in process. Thank you to all who believe in this, “Life Before The Lottery: The 30×30 Project” is on the way!

It’s time to publish the story.

Time to publish the inspirational & downright dirty details of one girl’s “life before the lottery.” Twenty-nine of thirty things done and done!

The 30×30 book has been a work in progress for the past three years…ever since the official “30×30” list was completed. A tale of one girl’s smile-worthy story of determination and motivation in crossing off 29, yes 29, of the 30 items on her 30×30 list (and all before turning 30 years old!) Figuring out how to live life before the lottery is no easy task, but dreams weren’t meant to stay in our head. You do not need to win the lottery to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Think “bucket list” with a very real expiration date. Skydiving, scuba diving, act in a play, master’s program? Check, check, check. For more on the what–and more importantly the entertaining and heartfelt how–read the book!

We can do this (with your help!) Donate by Feb 7th

$8,500 Needed to Get Published: Fundraising on

Donation Page

Note from Ashlee–

I’ve been approached on doing a book project. The next part is to tell the story and get it into the hands of people who want, need, and desire to see and experience the 30×30 journey and create their own lists.

The simple tale of successes and failures have inspired more than I dared imagine. This project has been self-funded thus far, but now I need your help so we can make this ambitious plan a reality and print and share this book with the right audience. There are some great donor “backer” bonuses set up as a “thank you”, so check ’em out!

Your contribution and your support will help in doing the following:

1) Continue the editing and polishing process needed for the book. The 30,000 word book monster needs professional slice and dice help.

2) Work with an amazing graphic designer and editor to create a beautiful and sassy final product

3) Pay for a first run print of at least 1000 copies (will print a larger number if we go beyond our goal),

4) Market and publicize the book properly. There’s a game plan, now we just need the financial oomf to get it done.

Book publishing is no easy medium. You can’t write, edit, layout, produce, illustrate, distribute, and sell an entire publication by yourself. This is a team effort, not a solo tale. From start to finish, the process is time-consuming, tedious, and daunting, but we maniacally enjoy every minute of it. That enjoyment leads to the knowledge that what has been started will be finished!

I am so fortunate to have found an amazing collective of people who have dedicated more than I could ask for to this project and will continue to add the best and most committed crew to see it through to the end!

Thank you for your time, support and financial contribution. I cannot do this without you. Once the fundraising goal is met, it’s on to the next part of the journey…getting published! Please help in spreading the word about this project. THANK YOU!

We all have a story...this is one determined girl's tale and proof that living life before the lottery really can be done.
We all have a story…this is one determined girl’s tale and proof that living life before the lottery really can be done.

Risks and challenges in the publishing process

The 30,000 word book monster is currently going through the slice-and-dice edits and refining process needed to make it a story worthy of telling…with all the fun “bookie logistics” that go with that. (Think ISBN #s, artwork, copyrights, layout, distribution, websites, etc.) The team players, bids, and pieces of the puzzle on who to go to for those things are ready to be set in motion, it’s just the invoices that we’d love to slap a “paid in full” on in order to move forward. That’s where funding comes in. That’s where you come in.

Believe in dreams? Here’s one that you can be a part of. Currently the plan is to print 1,000 copies–and hopefully more if we go over our funding goals. If all goes according to plan, rollout of the printed product should be this summer. (And if all REALLY goes according to plan, possibly sooner!)

Kickstarter is an amazing platform that helps us get our project funded by bringing you and us together so we can create something awesome! Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, which means that if we don’t reach 100% we get nothing. By meeting our goal we can successfully complete our mission and place this project in your hands. Besides pledging for your favorite reward, you can also help us by sharing this link with friends and family. Keep in mind that roughly 10% of funds are split by Kickstarter and Amazon for processing payment and operating expenses, which leave us 90% of the amount collected. We’re already working on a shoe string budget to make sure we benefit a lot of people, help us achieve our stretch goals to be able to deliver all these awesome projects! THANK YOU.

When all is said and done, we’re throwing a party.

DONATE HERE to be a part of publishing! Ready…GO!

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